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Graham Whitehouse

Trivial Benefits Exemption from April 2016

By Graham Whitehouse | 1 March 16 | In: Tax News

In February, draft guidance was published on a new exemption for low value benefits in kind (‘trivial BiKs’) to be included in the Employment Income Manual (EIM). The draft legislation for exemption for trivial benefits in kind is to be included in Finance Bill 2016 (FB16).

Andrew Jones

VW emissions - HMRC confirm position regarding previously submitted P11Ds

By Andrew Jones | 1 October 15 | In: General News

HMRC have confirmed that even if the CO2 figures are found to be incorrect it will not affect the levels of company car tax that have already been charged.

Graham Whitehouse

HMRC Message about 'rogue' P11D(b)s

By Graham Whitehouse | 27 August 15 | In: General News

In July we were made aware of an internal processing error that meant our IT systems were not aligned and resulted in a number of Employers not being issued with either a paper P11D or an Electronic Notification to File a P11D for tax year 2014/15 in April 2015.

Graham Whitehouse

P11D interim penalty notice letters - HMRC update

By Graham Whitehouse | 14 August 15 | In: General News

The Technical Team at HMRC have shared the following message regarding the recent issue of erroneous P11D interim penalty notice letters.

Graham Whitehouse

P11D Organiser 2015.1.1 Release

By Graham Whitehouse | 14 April 15 | In: P11D News

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2015.1.1 release of the P11D Organiser. This new release contains a range of improvements to the way the software operates, as well as all the legislative changes necessary of the 2014-2015 P11D return process.

OTS Web Site
Graham Whitehouse

Why Simplifying P11Ds is Actually Complicated...

By Graham Whitehouse | 3 October 14 | In: P11D News

Blue Light Car
Graham Whitehouse

'Flash Cars' and Blue Light Vehicles

By Graham Whitehouse | 31 January 14 | In: P11D News

With such a wide range of customers, we get involved with many interesting areas of benefits in kind reporting, and although not that common, the area of ‘Flash Lights’ sometimes comes up. Therefore, here are a few notes about those people that have blue (or orange) lights on their vehicles.

HM Revenue & Customs
Simon Duffy

Certificate problems when Filing by Internet

By Simon Duffy | 6 November 13 | In: P11D News

When filing by internet your connection to the HMRC Gateway is encrypted using a security certificate. This certificate generally stays the same for a number of years but it will occasionally have to be updated.

Easy P11D Guide from PAS Ltd
Graham Whitehouse

Our new P11D Guide is now online

By Graham Whitehouse | 19 April 12 | In: P11D News

For the first time PAS Ltd have gathered together all of the various rules associated with calculating taxable values of benefits-in-kind and published these in our easy P11D Guide.

HM Revenue & Customs
Graham Whitehouse

PAS Ltd Response to HMRC’s Agent Consultation

By Graham Whitehouse | 19 September 11 | In: P11D News

Our response to HMRC on their Consultation into Establishing the future relationship between the tax agent community and HM Revenue & Customs

HM Revenue & Customs
Graham Whitehouse

P11D Test Gateway is reporting false errors

By Graham Whitehouse | 4 July 11 | In: P11D News

We have been providing a facility for our users to test their online File by Internet submissions to HMRC via their test gateway for a number of years.

Graham Whitehouse

Official Interest Rate reduced to 4.0% for the 2010/2011 tax year

By Graham Whitehouse | 31 March 10 | In: P11D News

The Official Interest Rate has been changed to 4.00% with effect from 6 April 2010

Graham Whitehouse

October 2009 Newsletter

By Graham Whitehouse | 16 October 09 | In: Newsletters

This month’s newletter contains information on how PAS Ltd are working together with the IPP to identify volunteers willing to take part in payrolling of benefits trials

Graham Whitehouse

September 2009 Newsletter

By Graham Whitehouse | 23 September 09 | In: Newsletters

Proposed changes in the way in which forms P46 will be processed is the subject of this month’s newsletter.

Graham Whitehouse

HMRC launches payrolling benefits survey

By Graham Whitehouse | 15 June 09 | In: Payrolling Benefits

HMRC have issued an online survey to get your views on those of you who are already payrolling benefits.

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