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Yes, the P11D Organiser allows you to create and process multiple company records as standard. You can purchase a licence to produce P11D returns and benefits statements across all your companies.

Starting from our smallest 'up to 50 P11Ds' option, our licence costs are calculated based on the number of employees that have any benefits assigned in any year (whether reportable to HMRC or not), and we derive a 'per employee with benefits' price based on that number. We do not lump customers into 'bands' where they might end up paying for P11Ds they will never produce - if you want a licence for 260 P11Ds, that is what you can have. The higher the number of employees with benefits you have, the lower the per individual employee price.

When agreeing a contract, we ask customers to estimate the number of employees they expect to have benefits, and we use that as a minimum commitment (there are no refunds for ‘unused’ licences) – this means it is in a customer’s interest to estimate the highest number possible to get a good price, but not to overestimate and ‘waste’ licences (and hence overpay).

If a customer realises they have not estimated high enough when it comes to reporting, we can simply extend the licence at the agreed ‘per employee’ price.

All of our licence fees are fully inclusive – covering software updates, maintenance and telephone support.

If you want to find out how much the P11D Organiser would cost for your organisation, just call the sales team on 0161 820 7113 (option 1).

No. Once you have used a licence to produce an employee report (P11D, P9D, Benefits Statement, P46 (Car) etc) you are free to reproduce all reports for that employee as many times as you wish within that tax year at no additional cost.

No. The P11D Organiser is multi-user as standard, so you can deploy it over any network environment at no additional cost. In fact, we would always suggest you run the software via a network installation – this offers the most secure way of looking after your data and the easiest route to a multi-user environment.

No. You can bring in as many employees as you wish – so you can easily synchronise your employee data with your Payroll / HR application – you will only need a licence for those employees who will need to be reported to HMRC (i.e. those with a taxable benefit)

The Software Support Licence provides you with a range of support services to assist you in getting the most out of the P11D Organiser. Your Software Support Licence includes:

Telephone Product Support

  • Available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

  • Direct access to our Software Support Team to answer questions on installing, using and troubleshooting your P11D Organiser software – you will speak to a human not a machine.

  • Email product support is also provided

Remote Desktop Product Support

  • Available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

  • Allow our Software Support Team to share your computer for a virtual meeting.

  • Troubleshoot system problems

  • Get tutorials on using the system features at your own desk

Product Updates

  • Get software updates for your P11D Organiser throughout the tax year

  • Stay ahead of legislation changes

  • Get new and improved functionality

  • Get early access to the next Tax Year

P11D Organiser FAQs

The P11D Organiser is a software package that allows you to key in or import your employer, employee and benefits data.

The software will calculate the cash equivalents of each benefit and allow you to produce a range of employee and employer reports, and also to report your data to HMRC either on paper or electronically.

The statutory forms it produces are annually reviewed and approved by HMRC:

  • P11D
  • P9D
  • P11D(b)
  • P46(Car)

Yes, functionality to report your P11Ds over the internet is built into the P11D Organiser. It uses HMRC’s Government Gateway service, which has been developed to allow employers to report their data via the internet.

Yes, the P11D Organiser will automatically identify employees who require a P46(Car) report. It will allow you to report these to HMRC electronically over the internet or on paper.

Yes, the P11D Organiser offers simultaneous multi user access and security standards that comply with Sarbanes Oxley requirements.

Yes, the P11D Organiser is fully fledged benefits and expenses solution. It will allow you to record both taxable and non-taxable benefits. The software allows you to record benefits that do not attract Class1A or have been payrolled for tax purposes.

The system will allow you to calculate the Class1A due on non-taxable benefits and reflect this as an adjustment on the employers P11D(b) form.

Business expenses can also be stored within the system as these can be covered by a dispensation and hence will not appear on the P11D.

Yes, the P11D Organiser will allow you to record an employee’s mileage and determine whether the employee has received a taxable benefit or is due tax relief.

The system allows you to specify the rates at which employees are reimbursed per mile and will compare these against HMRC’s approved (AMAP) rates.

If an employee is being reimbursed at a lower rate than HMRC’s approved rates, it will produce a form for the employee which the employee can use to claim tax relief.

If the employee is being reimbursed at a higher rate than HMRC’s approved rates, it will calculate the taxable benefit and reports this on the P11D.

No, the P11D Organiser prints all forms onto blank A4 paper.

You do have the option to send HMRC approved P11D forms, but the P11D Organiser also contains an Employee Benefit Statement that is designed to be more employee-friendly. It also incorporates the employee address (so you don’t need an address label to post it) and allows you to insert a covering letter or notes, and to add your company logo.

Yes, the P11D Organiser will allow you to email all or some of your employees their report. An email will be sent from you with an attached PDF document. You can also insert different notes or instructions into the email message.

Yes, the P11D Organiser allows you to deliver employee reports in conjunction with your employee portal and we also have our own self service offering, allowing you to manage your employee communication in a secure manner.

Yes, the P11D Organiser will allow you to import your standard employee reports from most UK payroll products.

If your payroll product is produced by one of our Partners you will be able to synchronise your employee records with your payroll or HR package at the touch of a button.

Yes, our Software Updates open up the next tax year shortly after the annual Budget, so you can begin entering data for the next tax year as soon as possible. This is particularly useful for keeping up to date with P46(Car) reporting.

The P11D Organiser has facilities to ensure that your installation is always up to date by offering to download update over the internet. There are two main release cycles, the first of the two updates finalises the legislation for the current tax year, and the second update makes the upcoming tax year available.

Of course, our sales team can run a web-based demonstration and run you through a complete 'P11D cycle' explaining data import, creating P11Ds and full reporting. Just give the sales team a call on 0161 820 7113 or request a demonstration with the link. You can also download an evaluation version of the software from the web site.

Yes, PAS offer a fully managed P11D bureau service, covering everything from data processing to printing and posting your employee statements.

Simply contact our Sales Team by telephone on 0161 820 7113 or email You can also use the request form to receive a call back.