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Graham Whitehouse

HMRC’s New Fuel Type A for company cars

By Graham Whitehouse | 2 December 11 | In: Tax News

HM Revenue & Customs

From 6th April 2011 HMRC have introduced a new fuel type A. This encompasses the existing fuel types of petrol, hybrid, bi-fuel, bioethanol & converted bi-fuels. All of these fuel types will now be treated the same as a petrol car and will no longer receive any further discounts to the standard CO2 percentage that they may have received for earlier years.

The other fuel types are D for diesels & Euro IV and fuel type E for electric cars.

However Fuel Type A is a HMRC defined term and does not appear on the vehicle’s V5 logbook. For this reason the P11D Organiser will continue to maintain actual fuel types per the V5 logbook and will translate them into HMRC’s new definitions.