PAS illustrations Pricing Page


Many other providers base their licence fees on very broad ‘bands’, meaning you have to commit to ‘up to 500 P11Ds’ or ‘up to 1,000 P11Ds’ – equally, when your needs increase, you can be forced into the next band, hugely increasing your spend. With the P11D Organiser, we believe you should only need to buy a licence to cover what you actually need to do!

We simply ask you to estimate the number of employees you expect to have benefits within the tax year, and use that as the basis for your licence, agreeing a ‘per P11D rate’ so the costs are fully transparent – the higher the number of P11Ds, the lower the rate!

This means if you need a licence for 280 P11Ds, that’s just fine with us – if you later decide you need to submit more, just ask, and the extra licences are added at the same agreed rate. There are no management or admin fees, you only pay for what you require and no more!

In most cases our licence fees are fully inclusive, covering software updates, maintenance and full telephone support – all for less than the price of a cappuccino per employee per year! With licences starting from as little as £295 (ex VAT) for an on-premise solution, the P11D Organiser is the most cost effective way to organise all your P11D reporting needs.