P11D Organiser Training

It is fair to say that you would not allow your payroll to be run by people who have not gone through a training program, so why would you consider doing anything that requires a submission to HM Revenue and Customs without qualified training first?

The process of preparing and submitting P11Ds should, and can, be simple. The P11D Organiser is designed to be a user friendly, intuitive system to guide you through the reporting process but with our experienced trainers and consultants by your side. We ensure that your reporting requirement is prepared and processed efficiently and we can support you to maximize your use of the software, so that you are getting the best return from your investment.

What type of training is available?

On-site Training (when available)

With an on-site workshop, we cover all aspects of the P11D Organiser followed by a practical hands-on session so you get the chance to explore the system in a safe environment by performing practical exercises, to ensure you are ready to tackle your own year-end returns confidently and efficiently.

Virtual or Web-Based Training

We offer live training via the web which allows for greater flexibility on delivery – you can get your staff involved from any location and we can break the training up into a number of sessions across a number of days to meet your busy schedule. The training is either a general tour around the system’s extensive features or it can be specifically tailored to your needs; focusing on the functions and reportable benefits that you will be dealing with.

Is this only useful for new users?

No, not at all…..training is designed to cater for all types of users. As well as people who are new to the software, it is suitable for more experienced users that are looking to brush-up on its use or wish to deal with the introduction new reportable benefits for their company.

What topics are covered?

As an “Introduction to the P11D Organiser”, we will present the following elements but this can also be tailored to be more focussed, based on your own reporting requirements:

  • Accessing the system
  • System Navigation
  • Importing data from external systems
  • Manual Data entry
  • Building Report Lists
  • Creation of HMRC documents and Management Reports
  • Electronic Submission to HMRC – End of Year
  • Rolling forward into a new year and data merging/archiving

How do I arrange this with you?

Simply register your interest in us providing training and we will arrange a suitable date and time with you.