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Our Partners

PAS are the sole P11D Partners for a number of market leading Payroll providers, including:

Payroll Business Solutions
Safe Computing
Vizual Human Resources

Why Partner with PAS?

Partnering up with PAS means that you can stick to what you know. It also means that you can be free of the entire P11D burden, while at the same time being able to offer your clients a fully integrated Payroll and P11D solution with the U.K’s market leading P11D specialists.

What it could mean to your business

As well as being linked to a market leader, and being able to offer business software solutions to your customers, by joining our network of Business Partners you’ll be able to take advantage of our fantastic Partner proposition, which includes a wide range of benefits:

  • Working with experienced software partners
  • Seamless integration with your payroll product
  • Fully managed product support
  • Generate a new profitable revenue stream

The P11D Organiser has been engineered to provide seamless integration with each Partner’s payroll software offerings.

Partner FAQ’s

Can PAS offer integration with our Payroll Software?

Yes. Our only requirements for offering a fully integrated Partner solution are:

  • Your payroll product should be ODBC, ADO or SQL compliant or offer a web-service interface
  • That you can provide a copy of, or access to, your payroll software for development purposes

These requirements ensure that no changes or development are required within your payroll software.

With the fully integrated Partner Solution from PAS, you can offer your clients the ability to synchronise their Payroll and P11D records at the touch of a button.

What about Customer Support?

We’ve got it covered. Your clients can access telephone and web-based support directly from PAS. We have in-house, trained support technicians that are ready to help your clients with all of their P11D related issues.

No hassle. No problem.

How does the sales process work?

The P11D Organiser Partner Program offers the Partner a large discount on the end user prices, creating the opportunity to not only create a market leading offering, but also generate increased revenue.

This share basis is based on the following:

  • The Partner (or reseller) sells the product directly to the client
  • The Partner (or reseller) markets and promotes the P11D Organiser during the sales process
  • The client receives Software Support from PAS, ensuring a knowledgeable response every time

Partner with us

For more information on the P11D Organiser partnership scheme please email: or call 0161 820 7113