PAS Ltd sponsor local fireman


On 2nd November 2008 P.A.S Ltd sponsored one of the local firemen from the Moss-Side Fire Station in Manchester to take part in the New York Marathon on behalf of the Fire Service Charity. This charity funds all injured Fire-fighters and their families who are in need of treatment/recovery after being injured whilst in the line of duty. Alongside the charity, the fire fighters have established the Moss Side Boxing club which supports the local community by providing young people the chance to channel their energies towards competing in the London 2012 Olympics. However, these activities require continuous funding from as many sponsors as possible and still more!

In exchange, for the help that PAS Ltd and other sponsors like ourselves has undertaken, the fireman has offered heart start/trauma care courses & a fire fighter experience day for those who have given generously and hopefully within the near future some of our colleagues at PAS Ltd will undertake either or one of these offers.

PAS staff & the firefighter taken shortly after arriving back to the United Kingdom.

If you wish to consider sponsoring your local fire fighters charity and would like further information, please contact:

The Fire Service Charity
F.A.O: Lesley Wardle
Moss-Side Fire Station
Denhill Road
M15 5NR

Tel: 0161 6085203