Importing Tips


Imports can be from .xls spreadsheets, .csv spreadsheets and table/dbf files. If you are using spreadsheets you need to be careful. Make sure you do not have any formulae or scripts in your spreadsheet and only have one workbook. You really need a flat file spreadsheet to minimise possible errors. Problems can occur for a number of reasons. The first one would be an error if you have the spreadsheet open. As with most programs P11D Organiser needs exclusive access to the spreadsheet. Other problems can be use of invalid characters in the import which could be typographic errors or matching the wrong fields.

Make sure that dates are formatted in the dd/mm/yyyy format otherwise the system may reject the data or change it to an invalid date. As with all other procedures it is advisable to backup the software first by pressing F3. You will notice that as well as importing 11 benefit types you can also update or add employees if need be. Section D Living Accommodation is not included as a benefit import as it is more likely to be manually input and is a more complex benefit.

Log files are created for all imports and can be viewed by pressing the Excel button. If there are any problems in an import removed data will be reported on an .err file. You can open this in Excel as well and if you edit the appropriate error you can re-import this spreadsheet.

P11D Organiser comes with it’s own internal backup procedure. Backups will create a zip file with the days date which can be used to restore your system in the event of a mistake (like during import), data loss or even if moving the system. This can be scheduled weekly, or monthly.