Filing by Internet.


Previous to FBI, people filled by Electronic Employers Communication (Floppy Disc) and paper printouts. Obviously with the floppy disc becoming obsolete in newer computers many people would like to change over to more modern way of filing. Also with current environmental issues offices are trying to save on paper use.

Filing by Internet is the best option. Even if you are not registered to use this service with the Inland Revenue you can still test it in P11D Organiser, so go ahead and give it a try.

In your P11dorganiser software go to:

tools year endEOY Filing by Internet.

– Choose test submission. Fill in your email address then click submit at the bottom of the screen. P11D Organiser will report any possible problems in your submission and create a report of the errors at the end.

Your submission is complete as soon as your FBI Return is acknowledged as Accepted in the status window of the FBI Screen of the software.

Please remember that you have to follow up any online submissions with a hard-copy printed P11D b form.

If you are ready to use the service then just contact HMRC for a Government Gateway username and password.