How to link a client PC to the network


The following article gives instructions on how to link a client’s PC to a network install of the P11D Organiser.

In order to do a proper workstation setup you first need some information from your IT department: –

1. The location of the software on a file server usually a unc path e.g. \serverappsp11d

2. A mapped drive to the root of the P11D folder. e.g. H: or H:P11D

3. Full rights to this P11D folder.

4. Rights for installation are usually needed as well.

Run the setup (Versions are not really build independent) and when you get to the four options choose “Connect this computer to an existing network installation”

The setup will then need the path to the P11D folder if you choose “Manual” you can put in the path yourself or if you choose “Search Network” then P11D Organiser will search your network for a valid P11D Installation. Searching can take a lot of time depending on the size of your organisation.

If you have more than one installation make sure you choose the correct one from the drop down list. Setup will install dlls, controllers and most important of all the PDF Converter which is needed to email forms and produce electronic copies. When finished you will have a P11D Organiser folder on your desktop with a shortcut to the program, help files and manual. Never just run P11D Organiser from a network shortcut as this will result in loss of functionality in the system and could potentially cause other problems.