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HMRC Recognised

Ensure your business’s compliance by using our HMRC Recognised P11D solution.

Although HMRC can’t recommend one commercial software product over another, choosing a software product that’s been recognised by HMRC can give you some reassurance that it has specific functionality that has been verified by HMRC.

The HMRC forms and documents that are produced by the P11D Organiser are approved each year by HRMC, so you can use them in the knowledge that you are fully compliant.


Government Gateway Ready

– P11D/ P9D/ P46(Car)/ P11D(b) Electronically submit your P11D data to HMRC over the Internet.

The Government Gateway is an important part of the government’s strategy of delivering ‘joined up’ government, enabling people to communicate and make transactions with government from a single point of entry. Once you are registered as a Government Gateway User, you will be able to submit forms to government departments for the services for which you have enrolled. The P11D Organiser is fully enabled to communicate with the government gateway for both P11D and P46(car) reports.

Gov Gateway

Import Data From Spread Sheets

Intelligent importing and validating tools to make P11D processing easier.

Manual entry of data is prone to error, therefore the P11D Organiser is designed to import data from spreadsheets or other data sources. All imported data is validated through our HMRC compliant business rules. The P11D Organiser has tried and trusted business rules that ensure the data that you are importing into the system is checked for validity and compliance. Data can come from virtually any system, be that payroll, HR, fleet or medical provider, and in a wide range of formats, such as XLSX, XLS and CSV. Our interactive process flags errors or legislative issues to allow the user to be kept fully informed all the way through the process.

Import Data

Powerful Reporting Utility

Get the data you want, the way you want it.

Getting data into the P11D Organiser is only part of the power that is offered – once the data in stored, getting reports out of the system is just as important. The P11D Organiser allows you to ‘cut and slice’ the data they way you require, and the print or save that data for further use. Data can be exported as PDF files or Excel files for distribution within your company.

Powerful Report

Award Winning Support

Our experts are here to help you get things done – fast

The support team at PAS is totally focused on ensuring you get the production for P11Ds completed on time. We have full telephone, remote and email based support to ensure we have the tools to help with any issue you may have.

Award Winning Support