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P11D Organiser Support FAQ

There is an article on the new support web site that will walk you through the process – click here to view the article.

Yes, all substitute forms (P11D, P46 (Car) P11D & P9D) and Government Gateway / FBI technology are reviewed and approved annually by HMRC.

The P11D Organiser has the ability to check online for updated version and changes, ensuring you always have the very latest legislative updates.

You can manually check for updates throughout the year and can be downloaded from the software update link on the right.

Increasing the number of P11D licences is very easy to do. Simply call the Software Support Team on 0161 820 7113.

A Part 5 ITEPA 2003 claim is a claim against expenses which are wholly and exclusively necessary for the performance of your duties as an employee. If you are not sure which expenses can be claimed, please refer to the HM Revenue & Customs Booklet 480 for further guidance.

If your expenses do qualify, please show the relevant entries in the required section. A form can then be produced with the Employee Reports section of the Reports Wizard which needs to signed by the relevant employee and submitted to HM Revenue & Customs.

Simply stop the car with the original fuel settings applied. Then re-allocate the same car to the employee the next day with the different fuel settings applied

Yes, you can email either individual or multiple employees from within the software.

Yes, you can call the P11D Organiser Software Support team 0161 820 7113. The Team is available on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

For Expenses & Benefits submissions only one tax year is supported at any one time. For example, the online service for 2013-14 P11Ds will cease 5th April 2015 and it will begin to accept 2014-15 P11Ds on 6th April 2015. Any 2013-14 P11Ds submitted after 5th April 2015 must be sent on paper.

HMRC suggest that you do not wait until 5th April as there may be downtime for the changeover of schemas!

If you have completed your submission to HMRC (whether using FBI, EEC or paper forms) and you realise that there were errors in the data that has been sent, you need to submit a revised version of the form(s) in which the error(s) occurred.

ALL amendments must be submitted in paper form and must include not only the amended/corrected benefit(s), but all the existing correct information for the employee as well. For example, if a P11D had data in Section F, Section I and Section M, and the correction is only to Section I, you need to submit a P11D that includes ALL those sections, not just the modified Section I – doing so would actually remove the correct entries that had been previously submitted.

The modified form needs to clearly show that it is an amendment (usually handled by writing the word “Amendment” across the form) and must show the tax year to which it relates. The forms then need to be sent to the following address with a covering letter to explain the situation:

Room BP8002
Tynemouth House
Benton Park View
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ

Please remember that a change to an employee’s P11D will almost certainly have an effect on the P11D that was returned to HMRC (and the Class 1A), so you may also need to send an amended P11D form with the corrections, again clearly showing it is an amendment.