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Andrew Jones

Revision in the P11D Organiser to accommodate for optional remuneration arrangements

By Andrew Jones | 31 March 17 | In: Software News

The 2017 release has not been updated to reflect the comparison of the cash forgone to the modified cash equivalent of a company cars and other BiKs as discussed in the guide to optional remuneration arrangements. Here’s why….

Graham Whitehouse

P11D Organiser 2015.1.1 Release

By Graham Whitehouse | 14 April 15 | In: P11D News

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2015.1.1 release of the P11D Organiser. This new release contains a range of improvements to the way the software operates, as well as all the legislative changes necessary of the 2014-2015 P11D return process.

Graham Whitehouse

Issue with P46(Car) Reporting

By Graham Whitehouse | 23 April 14 | In: Software News

PAS would like to make customers aware about an on-going issue with reporting P46(Car) for the last quarter of 2013/14. This issue is being caused by HMRC's own validation rules/requirements which prevent the successful submission of the final quarters' returns electronically.

PAS Ltd and MidlandHR Partner Up to Smooth P11D Production
Graham Whitehouse

PAS and MidlandHR Partner Up to Smooth P11D Production

By Graham Whitehouse | 20 August 13 | In: Software News

PAS Ltd (Personal Audit Systems Ltd) is pleased to announce that it has added MidlandHR to the list of its partners that use the market leading P11D Organiser software as the solution to P11D production for its clients.

SSA Awards - Corporate Payroll Winner
Graham Whitehouse

P11D Organiser 2013.2.1 Now Released

By Graham Whitehouse | 25 April 13 | In: Software News

PAS Ltd is pleased to announce that the latest version of the P11D Organiser software is now released and ready to download by all customers. We spend a lot of time striving to streamline P11D production and all of the processes that surround it, and this year’s release has seen some significant improvements in the security, as well as to the way we activate the software, and support our customers.

P11D Organiser
Graham Whitehouse

P11D(b) changes introduced in the latest build of the P11D Organiser

By Graham Whitehouse | 28 May 12 | In: Software News

We have had a number of accountancy clients ask why the P11D Organiser software is not able to submit ‘blank’ P11D(b) forms online. The short answer is that HMRC does not accept online submissions that contain no accompanying benefits and expenses data and a paper form still has to be submitted.

P11D Organiser
Graham Whitehouse

Improved System Navigation in 2012 P11D Organiser

By Graham Whitehouse | 29 February 12 | In: Software News

The 2012 release of the P11D Organiser sees some exciting enhancements to the user interface of the software. All the functionality you have come to expect is still just a click away, but we have made the software more intuitive to use and modern in its presentation.

P11D Organiser
Graham Whitehouse

Version 2011.2.1 Build 5 now available

By Graham Whitehouse | 30 November 11 | In: Software News

The latest version of our P11D software is now available to download via our Software Updates page.

Graham Whitehouse

February 2010 Newsletter

By Graham Whitehouse | 3 March 10 | In: Newsletters

We are announcing the launch of our Document Solutions Service

Graham Whitehouse

November 2009 Newsletter

By Graham Whitehouse | 26 November 09 | In: Newsletters

We are using this month’s newsletter to announce the launch of our new website, This will enable us to provide many exciting new web services to our clients, the first of which is an offsite data backup facility.

Simon Duffy

Installing on Citrix

By Simon Duffy | 1 July 09 | In: Top Tips

This Top Tip gives instructions on how to get P11D Organiser to install correctly in a Citrix Environment

Danny Chong

Terminal Services Web Access / Terminal Services Remote Programs

By Danny Chong | 24 June 09 | In: Software News

We are pleased to announce that P11D Organiser is supported on the Terminal Services Web Access / Terminal Services Remote Programs technology offered by Windows Server 2008.

Danny Chong

Baker Tilly joins our ranks

By Danny Chong | 12 June 09 | In: General News

We are pleased to announce that Baker Tilly, a leading provider of accountancy services has decided to use P11D Organiser as their benefits and expenses solution.

Graham Whitehouse

2009/2010 P46(car) Changes

By Graham Whitehouse | 3 June 09 | In: Software News

The requirements for the information returned on P46 returns has changed from 6 April 2009. Find out more here.

Simon Duffy

Getting around setup file download problems

By Simon Duffy | 20 May 09 | In: Software News

Some of our clients have experienced problems downloading the latest setup file. This blog details why this occurs & offers solutions to get around this problem.

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