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Training Laptops
Andrew Jones

Enhanced P11D Organiser Training

By Andrew Jones | 18 November 14 | In: Training

As part of our continued effort to maintain an award winning support, our Professional Services Team have been working to enhance the onsite training event that we provide to both new and existing customer

P11D Organiser Brochures
Graham Whitehouse

Earnie Customer Conference

By Graham Whitehouse | 13 November 14 | In: General News

Today we are supporting IRIS (one of our many partners) at their customer event which is being held at the National Motorcycle Museum in Coventry.

OTS Web Site
Graham Whitehouse

Why Simplifying P11Ds is Actually Complicated...

By Graham Whitehouse | 3 October 14 | In: P11D News

Andrew Jones

Self Assessment - Transition to GOV.UK

By Andrew Jones | 18 August 14 | In: General News

Self Assessment guidance will transition from the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website to GOV.UK on 21 August 2014.

Virus Warning - "Email from HMRC"
Andrew Jones

Virus Warning - "Email from HMRC"

By Andrew Jones | 25 July 14 | In: General News

We have recently been informed that there are phishing and potentially dangerous emails being emailed around under the guise of HMRC as a “Tax Notice July 2014”. Please ensure you DO NOT open the attachment on this email and delete it immediately.

Graham Whitehouse

Issue with P46(Car) Reporting

By Graham Whitehouse | 23 April 14 | In: Software News

PAS would like to make customers aware about an on-going issue with reporting P46(Car) for the last quarter of 2013/14. This issue is being caused by HMRC's own validation rules/requirements which prevent the successful submission of the final quarters' returns electronically.

Blue Light Car
Graham Whitehouse

'Flash Cars' and Blue Light Vehicles

By Graham Whitehouse | 31 January 14 | In: P11D News

With such a wide range of customers, we get involved with many interesting areas of benefits in kind reporting, and although not that common, the area of ‘Flash Lights’ sometimes comes up. Therefore, here are a few notes about those people that have blue (or orange) lights on their vehicles.

P11D Organiser
Graham Whitehouse

We're hiring a new Customer Support and Training Representative

By Graham Whitehouse | 2 January 14 | In: General News

Due to continued sales success and future growth plans, we are now looking to expand our software support and training team. Based in our offices in Manchester Science Park, we are looking for someone that can offer strong communications skills, a methodical approach to problem solving and a willingness to get involved across all areas of the business.

P11D Organiser
Graham Whitehouse

Helpful Hints about Vehicle CO2 and Cubic Capacity (cc)

By Graham Whitehouse | 27 November 13 | In: General News

When importing and editing vehicle data within the P11D Organiser, be careful to keep an eye on the CO2 and cc entries – small differences can have a dramatic effect on the benefit an employee may receive.

HM Revenue & Customs
Simon Duffy

Certificate problems when Filing by Internet

By Simon Duffy | 6 November 13 | In: P11D News

When filing by internet your connection to the HMRC Gateway is encrypted using a security certificate. This certificate generally stays the same for a number of years but it will occasionally have to be updated.

PAS Ltd and MidlandHR Partner Up to Smooth P11D Production
Graham Whitehouse

PAS and MidlandHR Partner Up to Smooth P11D Production

By Graham Whitehouse | 20 August 13 | In: Software News

PAS Ltd (Personal Audit Systems Ltd) is pleased to announce that it has added MidlandHR to the list of its partners that use the market leading P11D Organiser software as the solution to P11D production for its clients.

Car CO2 Emissions
Graham Whitehouse

Car Unavailability

By Graham Whitehouse | 20 August 13 | In: Tax News

When dealing with car usage, employers have the ability to report a period of ‘unavailability’ of a car that is allocated to an employee. However, caution needs to be applied when considering the use of this option, as HMRC has some strict guidelines for the term unavailable, which say that a car can be defined as unavailable in three main ways:

SSA Awards - Corporate Payroll Winner
Graham Whitehouse

P11D Organiser 2013.2.1 Now Released

By Graham Whitehouse | 25 April 13 | In: Software News

PAS Ltd is pleased to announce that the latest version of the P11D Organiser software is now released and ready to download by all customers. We spend a lot of time striving to streamline P11D production and all of the processes that surround it, and this year’s release has seen some significant improvements in the security, as well as to the way we activate the software, and support our customers.

HM Revenue & Customs
Simon Duffy

Improved Security for FBI Submission

By Simon Duffy | 25 April 13 | In: Top Tips

As part of the range of security enhancements that were added to the 2013 version on the P11D Organiser, we have introduced a user privilege to restrict the ability to submit data to the HMRC.

P11D Organiser has been voted ‘top of the class’ in the Corporate Payroll category
Graham Whitehouse

P11D Organiser Leads the Field in Software Satisfaction Awards

By Graham Whitehouse | 14 November 12 | In: General News

In a repeat of the 2010 success, the P11D Organiser has been voted ‘top of the class’ in the Corporate Payroll category of the national Software Satisfaction Awards.

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