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Graham Whitehouse

2009/2010 P46(car) Changes

By Graham Whitehouse | 3 June 09 | In: Software News

The requirements for the information returned on P46 returns has changed from 6 April 2009. Find out more here.

Paul Kemp

2009 Training Seminars Update

By Paul Kemp | 1 June 09 | In: Training

Paul Kemp our resident Trainer provides an update on how this year’s training seminars went.

Graham Whitehouse

Payrolling of Benefits - What are the changes?

By Graham Whitehouse | 10 July 08 | In: P11D News

In December 2007 HMRC published a consultation document relating to the abolition of the year end P11D form. Their intentions are to replace the P11D form with a new regime that would tax benefits-in-kind through the payroll.

Graham Whitehouse

Online survey on HMRC's consultation for Payrolling of Benefits

By Graham Whitehouse | 26 February 08 | In: P11D News

Please complete our online survey to give us your views on the consultation process for payrolling benefits.

Graham Whitehouse

PwC P11D Producer Rescue Package now available

By Graham Whitehouse | 18 September 07 | In: P11D News

PAS Ltd are proud to announce the launch of the P11D Producer Rescue Package.

Graham Whitehouse

Speculation on P11D abolition

By Graham Whitehouse | 1 March 07 | In: P11D News

Following on from HMRC’s Better Regulation exercise there has been recent speculation in the payroll industry that the P11D should be abolished.

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