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Graham Whitehouse

September 2009 Newsletter

By Graham Whitehouse | 23 September 09 | In: Newsletters

Proposed changes in the way in which forms P46 will be processed is the subject of this month’s newsletter.

Sonia Blake

PAS Ltd sponsor local fireman

By Sonia Blake | 6 July 09 | In: Staff News

On 2nd November 2008 P.A.S Ltd sponsored one of the local firemen from the Moss-Side Fire Station in Manchester to take part in the New York Marathon on behalf of the Fire Service Charity.

Simon Duffy

Installing on Citrix

By Simon Duffy | 1 July 09 | In: Top Tips

This Top Tip gives instructions on how to get P11D Organiser to install correctly in a Citrix Environment

Danny Chong

Terminal Services Web Access / Terminal Services Remote Programs

By Danny Chong | 24 June 09 | In: Software News

We are pleased to announce that P11D Organiser is supported on the Terminal Services Web Access / Terminal Services Remote Programs technology offered by Windows Server 2008.

Graham Whitehouse

HMRC launches payrolling benefits survey

By Graham Whitehouse | 15 June 09 | In: Payrolling Benefits

HMRC have issued an online survey to get your views on those of you who are already payrolling benefits.

Danny Chong

Baker Tilly joins our ranks

By Danny Chong | 12 June 09 | In: General News

We are pleased to announce that Baker Tilly, a leading provider of accountancy services has decided to use P11D Organiser as their benefits and expenses solution.

Graham Whitehouse

2009/2010 P46(car) Changes

By Graham Whitehouse | 3 June 09 | In: Software News

The requirements for the information returned on P46 returns has changed from 6 April 2009. Find out more here.

Paul Kemp

2009 Training Seminars Update

By Paul Kemp | 1 June 09 | In: Training

Paul Kemp our resident Trainer provides an update on how this year’s training seminars went.

Sonia Blake

Update on our sponsorship with Plan UK

By Sonia Blake | 29 May 09 | In: General News

We have been continuing our sponsorship of Selina and are giving an update of how things have progressed for her.

Graham Whitehouse

PAS announce integration with Accord Payroll from Payroll Business Solutions

By Graham Whitehouse | 27 May 09 | In: General News

Personal Audit Systems have recently agreed to develop “one-touch” integration with the Accord Payroll product from Payroll Business Solutions.

Simon Duffy

Getting around setup file download problems

By Simon Duffy | 20 May 09 | In: Software News

Some of our clients have experienced problems downloading the latest setup file. This blog details why this occurs & offers solutions to get around this problem.

Graham Whitehouse

P11D Organiser to maintain link with CCH Personal Tax

By Graham Whitehouse | 15 May 09 | In: General News

We have recently developed a link with CCH Personal Tax, the replacement product for MYOB’s Pertax.

Simon Duffy

How to link a client PC to the network

By Simon Duffy | 19 January 09 | In: Top Tips

This article gives instructions on how to link a client’s PC to a network install of the P11D Organiser.

Graham Whitehouse

HMRC looking for volunteers for a study into payrolling benefits

By Graham Whitehouse | 9 January 09 | In: Payrolling Benefits

HMRC are looking for volunteer companies who currently report their benefits through the payroll to participate in a study.

Graham Whitehouse

New Build of P11D Organiser with 15% VAT rates available

By Graham Whitehouse | 9 December 08 | In: Software News

The lowering of the VAT rate to 15% with effect from 1 December 2008 will effect the Company Car Fuel Output VAT calculations. This new rate has been incorporated into Build 11 of Version 2008.2.1 of P11D Organiser that is now available for download.

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