The P11D form is designed to return information in a format that is HMRC-friendly. This does not necessarily mean that the form is employee-friendly. This is why we recommend the use of our Employee Benefit Statements for employers to use to send copy information to their employees. This is similar to a total reward statement issued by some flexible benefits providers.

The advantages of the Employee Benefit Statement over the P11D form include: –

  • Focusing the benefits information contained on the form to only the benefit areas the employee is in receipt of. In most cases employees commonly receive two to three benefit types. We think it is better to just present just this information to the employee rather than on the P11D which is a bewildering double sided form.
  • Our Benefits Statement contains employee address details displayed in the correct position so that the Benefit Statement can be inserted quickly in a windowed envelope.
  • Our Benefits Statement can be customised with the employer’s company logo to make it fit in with the company’s corporate image.
  • Explanatory text can be entered giving details of who the employee can contact if they want further information.