Enhanced P11D Organiser Training


Enhanced P11D Organiser Training

As part of our continued effort to maintain an award winning support, our Professional Services Team have been working to enhance the onsite training event that we provide to both new and existing customers.

Feedback from customers has shown that some ‘hands on’ training would be appreciated during the day, as this would allow them to put into practice some of the teachings they had undergone. Traditionally this has been a challenge, as the last thing we want to to is ‘contaminate’ customer’s live systems with training data. Equally customer’s training rooms do not always have access to the necessary PCs, software and connectivity to make this practical.

We have invested in a number of training laptop PCs that we will take on site for trainees to use during their day. These are all configured with full versions of the P11D Organiser software, and also have training data and test files on board ready for practical use.

The team has also put together some interactive quizzes that allow trainees to test the knowledge during the day – these are aimed at reinforcing some basic knowledge areas of the software. Each laptop has WiFi capability,and the trainer will, where possible, provide an independent internet connection for the machines so that these can be accessed without the need for using customer’s networks or bothering the IT team.

To completely close the loop, we will also be asking attendees to answer a few simple survey questions at the end of each day – this will allow us to further improve the training to meet their requirements in the future.