Moving a P11D Organiser Installation


Please visit our support site for the latest information on moving a P11D Organiser Installation.

This is a quick guide to assist with moving a P11D Organiser installation – this may be from an old PC to a new one, or from one shared drive or server to another.

1 – Make a copy of the live P11D Organiser
Locate where the current installation is – you can find this by right clicking on your desktop shortcut and selecting <Properties> (see below). You can click the <Open File Location> button to go directly to the installation.

Properties window

You will need to copy the whole folder (environment) that contains the P11D.exe (in this example the complete “P11D” folder). We need you to copy the entire directory for a couple of reasons, firstly to maintain user security information, but also to ensure the full history of activity is maintained.

2 – Paste the copied live environment to the new location (created in Step 1)
You then need to ‘paste’ this folder to the required new location. Remember to ensure that ALL users of the system have access to the new location – they will need to be able to navigate to the directory and have full access rights – whether by mapping the drive or UNC path.

3 – Set up other workstations/users
Once the move is complete you will then need to connect any workstation clients to the new location (even if that client is the local PC)..

If the new location is on the C: drive (a local PC) you will need to navigate to the INSTALL folder and run the workstation.exe. If it is a network installation you should navigate to the new installation location from the user’s PC, locate the INSTALL folder, and run workstation.exe. Please note that you will need Administrator rights to run the workstation.exe application.

Please refer to the workstation setup guide here

Clean Up

Although it makes sense to keep the old P11D Organiser installation in place until you are completely happy with the move, ensure you rename the ‘old’ folder to make it clear that it is no longer to be used. When complete, we recommend you destroy the old location’s version to avoid any confusion.