P11D Organiser 2015.1.1 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of the 2015.1.1 release of the P11D Organiser. This new release contains a range of improvements to the way the software operates, as well as all the legislative changes necessary of the 2014-2015 P11D return process.

There is an overview of the changes in the ‘What’s New’ section of the P11D Organiser help website, but the highlights include:

New HMRC Compliant forms for the 2014/2015 tax year

Legislative Changes for the 2014/2015 tax year

Software Enhancements

  • Allowed submission to the HMRC Gateway for 2014-15 returns.
  • Introduction of role-based users in User Management.
  • Introduction of a “Forgotten Password” feature on the login screen (internet connection required).
  • Revised activation, licencing and Live update notices through web services (where available).
  • Further improvements to menus, navigation and button images.
  • Improved import routines, business logic and validation.
  • Improved create new year/merge benefits functionality.
  • Improvements to email client, integration and settings management.
  • Revised presentation of information on the following screens
    – Cars and Car Fuel Benefit
    – User Administration
    – Reports Wizard
  • Introduction of Enhanced PDF Preview as an option in the Reports Wizard.
  • Improved user interface to allow allocation of and reference to company logos for document production.
  • Enhanced listing/employee search facility.
  • Revised online help system with walkthroughs, section specific guides and “Live Chat” facilities.
  • Revised installer program and the introduction of a separate workstation setup program.
  • Introduction of optional features to
    – Backup data to PAS’s off-site hosting facility.
    – Password protect pdf documents for emailing – e.g. Employee Benefits Statements.
    – Publish end of year documents through our recently launched ‘Self Service’ facility.

The full list of changes are available here

More details on the software enhancements and the revised installer program are available here