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Graham Whitehouse

P11D(b) changes introduced in the latest build of the P11D Organiser

By Graham Whitehouse | 28 May 12 | In: Software News

P11D Organiser

We have had a number of accountancy clients ask why the P11D Organiser software is not able to submit ‘blank’ P11D(b) forms online (a blank P11D(b) can occur when a company does not provide any benefits). The short answer is that HMRC does not accept online submissions that contain no accompanying benefits and expenses data and a paper form still has to be submitted.

However, we understand that automating as much of the process as possible is important, we have therefore introduced a new feature into Build 2 of version 2012.2.1 of the P11D Organiser aimed at accountancy clients and those that provide a bureau service.

The change concerns the completion of the employer declaration in Section 2 of the P11D(b) form, where the P11D Organiser system will now automatically tick the appropriate declaration: –

  1. No expenses and benefits were provided
  2. Expenses and benefits have been provided and printed P11Ds are enclosed
  3. Expenses and benefits have been provided and P11Ds were sent to HMRC online services

The employer will still have to sign and date the P11D(b) form per HMRC instructions.