Other Services

Payroll/HR advisory service

PAS has built up a fantastic reputation for providing outstanding support to their prestigious client base. Most of our clients have personal experiences of how, in the vast majority of cases, we fully resolve their queries at the time of their first call. Because of this we have built up a loyal customer base that has placed their trust in us.

Recently a few of our clients have requested our advice to find the most suitable payroll/HR/fleet system for them. As we are well known in the industry as the producers of the UK’s market-leading benefits & expenses software, all of the payroll/HR/fleet companies that we approached were keen to do business with our clients.

What we did was to find the most suitable payroll/HR/fleet provider that matched the exact requirements of the client. We were then able to negotiate much cheaper rates with the payroll/HR/fleet provider than if the client had gone directly to them.

PAS has now formalised this advisory service and made it available to their entire client base.

Payroll / HR Advisory Service brochure

For more information on our Advisory Service send an email to our Sales Team at sales@p11dorganiser.co.uk, or telephone 0161 820 7113 (Sales Option).

Benefits consultancy service

As well as providing full end-user training our consultants can also deliver a data pre-load service to new clients that incorporates building an application from a client’s raw employee & benefits data.

With a host of clients acquired over the years, our consultants have gained unrivalled experience of best practice in benefits information workflow processes. With this experience our consultants can deliver to you a fully customised service that can go as far as to developing bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing back office systems.

Our consultants can offer their experience to help you to develop workflow processes that are guaranteed to generate efficiency savings in terms of time and money.

For more information on our Consultancy Service send an email to our Sales Team at sales@p11dorganiser.co.uk, or telephone 0161 820 7113 (Sales Option)

Hosted/SaaS P11D service – (Cloud Based P11D Organiser)

To maximize the value of your P11D Organiser solution, PAS Hosting Services does the work for you, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time and resources keeping up with maintaining, upgrading, supporting and backing-up your P11D Organiser installation.

We provide you with the system, data centre management and complete IT support, including upgrades and database management.

With the Hosted P11D solution, we host all of the technology systems and software needed to manage and process P11Ds.

This means that your company doesn’t need to commit any of their internal technology resources or hardware. The vendor also takes care of all of the software upgrades. The users simply access the P11D application via a Web browser.

Some of the benefits of the Hosted P11D Solution

  • Assured Uptime – PAS provide you with a rock solid Service Level Agreement (SLA) without ‘maintenance exclusions’ – so you can get at your data when you need it.
  • Automated, Off Site Backup – Our data servers are constantly imaged to offer our customers the ultimate disaster recovery solution for their P11D data.
  • Application Versioning – PAS Engineers will keep your P11D Organiser installation up-to-date with the latest product, security and legislative updates.
  • Assured Information Security – Our data servers are armed with the latest security features to protect their data, including SSL encryption, making PAS the partner of choice for organisations concerned about information security, regulatory compliance and data privacy.

For more information on our Hosted Solution send an email to our Sales Team at sales@p11dorganiser.co.uk, or telephone 0161 820 7113 (Sales Option).