The P11D Organiser is designed to be a user friendly, intuitive system to guide you through the reporting process but with our experienced trainers and consultants by your side. We ensure that your reporting requirement is prepared and processed efficiently and we can support you to maximize your use of the software, so that you are getting the best return from your investment.

What could a consultant do for me?

Essentially, provide assistance in the preparation of your return. Our consultants can:

  • Diagnose, and redefine problems /
    issues / challenges & opportunities
  • Solve problems / issues / challenges
  • Provide information
  • Facilitate learning
  • Realise latent opportunities
  • Recommend
  • Implement
  • Build consensus and commitment around
    corrective action
  • Permanently improve organisational

Virtual Consulting

We offer live consultations via the web to allow greater flexibility of delivery of this service. This has proven to be a low-cost option (it could be for as little as 1 hour) to help you through any aspect of your reporting preparation or even hand-hold you when it’s time to do your live end of year submission. Experience has shown that preparing information ready for submission is seldom a single event, so being able to book hourly sessions as and when you need, creates the flexibility to align with how you prepare for this.

How do I arrange this with you? Simply register your interest in us providing consultancy services and we will arrange a suitable date and time with you.