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Employee self-service

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Introducing P11D Organiser Self-Service

Developed from the ground up to work with all current versions of the P11D Organiser (whether locally installed or hosted), Employee Self-Service allows our customers to move up to the most secure delivery of sensitive data, and also manage the whole process more efficiently and transparently. All data is stored at our ISO 27001 accredited data centres, which are used to store data for many blue chip customers and even a number of leading UK banks.

Easy to Use and Distribute

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Existing customers will get a new option within the P11D Organiser software to allow them to send P11D facsimiles, Employee Benefit Statements and any other related documentation direct to the Employee Self-Service system – either in bulk or one at a time as things are modified. The P11D Organiser can then invite employees into the system to view their documents in total security, either at work or at home. Each employee can set up their own security and have 24×7 access to their information.

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The P11D Organiser Employee Self-Service opens up a wealth of information that has never been available before, from seeing which employees have logged into their self-service portal, all the way through to which documents have actually been viewed and by whom. All this information is available at the touch of a button, with options built in to send reminder emails to those employees that have not yet checked their documents.

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No More Reprints and Lost P11Ds

The Employee Self-Service option means that that employees calling in and asking for another copy of their P11D to be printed and posted is a thing of the past. An employee can log into their personal portal at any time and see all the latest documents relevant to them, and can download and print any of these as many times as they want.

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Conversation and Queries

One of the difficulties customers highlighted whilst we were gathering feedback was that of query handling. The Employee Self-Service solution makes this a breeze as employees can now select any document in their self-service portal, and simply ask a question instantly on the same web page. This opens up a chat style conversation with the payroll team, allowing them to ask questions without having to make phone calls and disrupt payroll staff at busy times. Conversations are private, secure and means that each question is logged in an audit trail that can be reviewed at any stage.

Full Document History from Day One

Document History screen shot

Issues with P11Ds can sometimes track back over a number of years. To ensure employers provide the best possible service to their employee we have worked hard to integrate the system with the existing P11D Organiser data structures and archives. This means that when an employer takes on the Employee Self-Service solution, the complete document history for every employee can be made available through the service straight away – whether that is one year or ten years ago. This offers a unique historic archive of documents for every employee in the business with no additional work.

Corporate Branding and Styling


As well as being able to add a company logo to all of the benefit statements you produce, the Employee Self-Service option goes one stage further, allowing you to add graphics and colours to the employee’s web pages – this is designed to reinforce to the employee that this is your ‘corporate service’.

Integrated Email Notifications

Email Notifications

The built in messaging service means that no change, query or new document goes unnoticed. When an employee is issued a new or modified document, the P11D Organiser will automatically drop them a friendly email reminder to log in to Employee Self-Service – we even include a link to ensure logging in is as easy as possible.

Payroll staff are also alerted by email when a new query has been raised by an employee, ensuring these can be dealt with in a timely manner.

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